Welcome to LogicAppeal

LogicAppeal specialises in business solutions for small and medium enterprises. Our solutions are based around best-of-breed open source or proprietary packages - all tailored to suit your specific situation. Our engineers are not only familiar with the core packages we support, but also integration tools and extensions fundamental to ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Our subsidiaries:


CRMLogic specialises in SugarCRM solutions across any industry vertical.

We have a wealth of experience from simple solutions with iittle customisation through complex extensions with deep integration to related systems. Whatever your SugarCRM need, we can help you achieve a cost-effective solution.

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SBOLogic provides SAP BusinessOne and extensions to customers seeking a tailored ERP solution.

SBOLogic has experience with deep configuration and customisation of SAP BusinessOne including integration to related systems. If you are seeking a cost-effective yet broad ERP solution, tailored to your needs, talk to us.


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